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Sikh Wedding

The Sikh marriage is called Anand Karaj. A Sikh Wedding takes place in the morning with 'Milni', with a meeting of both the groom and bride's families, where holy shabds (hymns from the Sikh Scripture) are sung. The bride is dressed in red and wears lots of jewellery, with a veil over her head, while the groom is dressed in traditional outfit, replete with a turban.

The marriage ceremony takes place at a congregational gathering in the holy presence of Guru Granth Sahib. When the morning hymn has been sung, the groom comes forward and takes his place at the foot of the Adi-Granth. The bride then joins the congregation and sits at the left side of the groom. The couple and their parents are asked to stand as an Ardaas seeking the Blessing of Waheguru for the commencement of the Anand Karaj is offered.

As the ceremony progresses amongst the hyms, the couple takes four rounds around the Guru Granth Sahib. The service finally concludes with the singing of the first five and the last stanzas of the Anand followed by the Ardas. The congregation is then served Karha Prashad.

Sikh Weddings Sikh Weddings Sikh Weddings

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