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Special NRI & Foreigner Tours

The Company's tours to destinations within India and to some neighboring countries are known as "Bharat Deko". All company products are sold subject to these Terms and Conditions and the contract between the Company and the Client shall be governed by the same.

In the event of a the Client booking through the Company any third party tours or travel products or services, the Terms and Conditions specified by such Tour Operator, including their payment schedule, cancellation, refund etc. shall be applicable, in addition to the Company's Terms and Conditions.

its technological advancement notwithstanding, is predominately an agricultural country. People still depend upon agriculture for their livelihood, and a large part of land is still under cultivation in various parts of the country. Our agricultural tour offers you an opportunity to explore these places that exhibit a unique beauty of their own. Vast stretches of land glowing with lush green and yellow cultivation will expose you to what is quite often referred to as "true India." It is an exceptional way to discover those glorious culture and customs of the country, that are well preserved in the agricultural places but seems to have been lost in the urban areas

Persons fulfilling the criteria set by relevant provisions of law relating to foreign exchange in India and R. B. I. Rules, whose passport (where needed) is valid for at least six months subsequent to the date of departure of the tour and have been granted relevant visas to reach the point of commencement of the tour and travel throughout with the tour are eligible to book on the Tour.

The Client has been supplied with complete details of the Tour Arrangement / the Tour Brochure / Itinerary / Price Grid and the Text of the "Terms and Conditions" for the relevant tour. The Client shall read the same carefully before filling and signing the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions, Booking Form, Payment Receipt shall be binding on the parties and shall constitute a contract between the parties, if the Client pays the prescribed non-refundable interest free deposit. In case of one or more but not all the Clients signing the Booking Form / Terms and Conditions, it shall be deemed that the others have duly authorised the concerned signing the Client/s to do so. In cases where the travel agent through whom the Clients have booked the tour, signs the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions for and on behalf of the persons named in the Booking Form, it shall be deemed and construed that the Clients have duly authorized the said travel agent to sign on their behalf. The signing of the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions by the Client or by their travel agent shall reconfirm the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by the Client/s in totality. In case of the Client booking through the Company, any Third Party Product, the Client shall acquaint himself with the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party and signing of the Booking Form by the client shall be deemed to be acceptance of the relevant Terms and Conditions in totality.

The Company reserves the right to decline to book any person/s for any Tour or to cancel their booking without assigning any reason.

No person including the Employee/s and the Agent/s of the Company in writing, has the authority to alter, amend, or waive any stipulation, representation, term or condition set forth in this document. Assurance if any, which is contrary to the terms and conditions, given by any staff member or agent of the Company, shall not bind the Company.

The Company has the right at any time to:
  • Terminate the Contract prior to the commencement of the Tour without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • Amend, alter, vary or withdraw any tour, holiday excursion or facility it has advertised or published or to substitute a service by service of similar class or type if it is deemed advisable or necessary.

It is the Client's responsibility to hold and carry on tour valid documents such as confirmed air tickets/ train tickets / bus tickets, medical insurance and other insurance certificates, (Passports and Visas if applicable) to be able to travel on the tour.
  • Valid Passport is required for Sri Lanka for identification purpose. Visa for maximum 30 days stay will be issued on arrival. (This rule is subject to change). To obtain a visa, the Clients should have the following in possession in original:
  • 6 months valid passport.
  • Confirmed return air ticket
  • Confirmed hotel stay
  • Sufficient Foreign Exchange

  • POE should be done prior to departure from India.
  • For Sikkim, the Client will require a valid photo identification card issued by Govt.authorities and necessary permission to visit Tsomgo Lake and Yumthang.
  • For Lakshadweep, the Client will require an entry permit.
  • For Nepal, a valid Passport or a valid Indian Election Identity Card is necessary for identification purpose.
  • For Maldives 30 days visa is granted on arrival at the Male airport provided one meets the following requirements:
  • 6 months valid passport.
  • Confirmed onward / return air tickets
  • 2 recent passport size photographs </

  • POE should be done prior to departure from India.
  • For Myanmar, 30 days visa will be granted, if the Client meets the following requirements:
  • 6 months valid passport.
  • Confirmed return air tickets
  • 2 tourist visa forms (photocopy not allowed)
  • The Client must encash USD 300 or equivalent on entering Myanmar.
  • POE should be done prior to departure from India.

These terms are subject to change from time to time analogous with government policies.
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