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Caravan Advantages
Ability to cover large areas in a limited time
Security of knowing that you are somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep each night

Safety in numbers and the companionship of a large group

Not having to organize your own guide or transport for spin-of Trips or Expeditions

Saving in time by not having to rely on local transport

You choose to set the pace and what you see and what you miss

Freedom to change your itinerary at the drop of a hat

Not having to worry about pre-booking or rushing to get a hotel and camping tents

Not having to lug around with heavy suitcase Unpacking just once

An escorted cook to prepare the finest cuisine to full fill your appetite

Fresh & hygienically prepared food you get every day

Great social time and to meet people at campsites

A unique taste of Home-On-Wheels where your accommodation, transportation and kitchen are one.

Amenities On-Board Accommodation : To a surprise, sleeping arrangement for 8 people inside the vehicle. Freshly laundered Bed linens, pillows, blankets, etc.

Sitting & Dining : Collapsible table & off side long-settee for twin advantage.

Shower & Toilet compartment : on-board toilet which is invaluable for saving your dignity when the Delhi-Belly strikes! An exclusive separate shower area with hot & cold water supply, wash basin, large mirror, build in fresh water tanks carry between 400 and 600 liters of fresh water, 12 volt pump serves-shower, washbasin, jet spray & kitchen sink which saves an incredible amount of time throughout the day while traveling.

Kitchen : Is equipped with Microwave, Lp-gas 3-burner hob & Water heater, R.O. drinking water purifier, Fridge, 12 volt Blender, cooking & eating appliances i.e. all cutlery, plates, cups, pots and pans, utensils, gas cooker, etc.

Storage : Allows sufficient luggage storage and our long range diesel and water tanks ensure our self-sufficiency in remote areas. Locker:- You will also have a locker for all your valuables, so you need not constantly worry about where to hide your money.

Interiors : Insulation of high density P.U foam 40 mm/ 50 mm thickness to protect you from out side heat during summer season, and as well as protection from bone chilling temperature during winter and on high altitude. Fully furnished teakwood interior, synthetic leather covers on bed & seats, full curtains at side windows & room partitions, vinyl flooring, tinted glasses, tube-lights and spot lamps in every section. Gadgets:- DVD & 15"TV & LCD 10.4" screen, music system, intercom, Walky-talky, lighter points, multiple mobile charger, AC-DC converter 12V-220V, power plug points, inverter, backup of 2- Batteries (180 Amps each), battery charger, Etc..

Air-condition unit : Fully air conditioned to beat the heat, coupled with separate engine.

Generator : Honda gen-set Back-up, 3 KW supply at Camp side, coupled with separate engine.

Awning : Retreat in luxury of awning to view nature in its real buzz, as well as to protect you from sun and rain.

Winch : Equipped with a tougher winch for those times when we really get stuck.

Snow chains : Provide superior traction when driving through icy / snowy or muddy conditions.

Bike carrier : Gives you a real holiday thrill where the only way to explore the region is on foot or on bike.

Camping equipments : Dome and A-Tent & Sleeping bags, fold-up chairs, Tables, Trenching tool, Pick axe, Rubber boots & Gloves, Hammock, Jumbo sun umbrella, Search lights, Chain saw, 25 meters garden hose reel, Extra water pump, 12 volts-Vacuum cleaner, Tool kit, comprehensive first aid kit for emergencies, 2 Fire extinguisher, 25 meters main wire reel, Ice box, Air-compressor, toiletries, 2-Lp.gas bottles/ 14.2 Kg.

We doubtlessly believe that many people would like to try Caravan and experience the freedom of roads. Our experience and first hand working knowledge is at your disposal.

Caravan Caravan Caravan

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